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How to Choose Your Retro-Styled Dress

April 13th, 2022

When people think of “retro style clothing” they usually thing “old” or boring. Today’s retro clothing take cues from the past, but have a sassy sophistication that goes way beyond boring. There are so many choices that it may be difficult to decide what to wear!

Dresses are a great retro choice. They are versatile, comfortable, come in every size, and most of all always fashionable! Some tips on choosing and coordinating your retro dress:

Color of the dress

Keep in mind that the color is usually what draws a person to something: it’s the first visual contact.

Do you know if you’re a warm or cool colored person? Warm people tend to have dark hair and cool people tend to have light hair. Warm colors include red, yellow, gold, and orange, and cool colors include blue, green, violet, and silver. To find out what color to wear bring a clothing item up to your face in the natural sunlight and see if it’s color brightens you up. One thing to think about is that your color may change between summer and winter months because of your skin tone. It can also change if you dye your hair.

Be aware of prints too. If there is a particular pattern you like, you can usually find it in a dress version whether it’s stripes, polka dots, flowers, or solids.

Shape of the dress

The shape is basically the outline. This includes sleeve length, hem length, pleats, pockets, etc. It’s creating illusion with the outside lines of the dress.

One thing to think about is How to Dress for Your Body Type. The four shapes are the “H silhouette”, “O silhouette”, “A” and “X”.

“H”‘s and “O”‘s are basically the same shape dress. If you are an “H” you are petite with little waist definition. If you are an “O” you are large framed with little waist definition. Both are characterized by: Slim legs, broad shoulders, narrow hips. So the goal in finding the right shape dress is to find one that defines your waist and shows off your legs. The best necklines for broad shoulders are V, U, or a scoop neck. Any fitted at the waist dress will work that is knee length. You don’t want the length to cut you off at the largest part of your leg; you want it be at the narrowest, which is at the knee. Otherwise you create the illusion of a thick leg.